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Haskap Crisp Recipe

We are so excited to share this delicious Haskap Crisp recipe! Follow along below, or save our recipe card photo to add this delicious treat to your collection! Recipe is compliments of Mary Jane Cassidy.

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Cassidy Farm's Haskap Berry Harvest

It was an exciting second year at the Cassidy Group Farm's Haskap Berry field! In our first year, we harvested between 4 and 6 rows entirely by hand. This year, we were focused on ensuring we had a farm that was clean, natural and smart. With over 33 rows that are each 1000 feet long filled with Haskap Berries, we decided to invest in a mechanical harvester. Take a look at the video below to see our harvester in action! This allowed us to harvest over 950 pounds of healthy, delicious Haskap Berries grown right here on Prince Edward Island! What's Growing on the Cassidy Group Farm? Half of the field is made up of new plants that are in...

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Latest on our Healthy Haskaps

Latest on our Healthy Haskap EDIT: read the latest article about our Haskap berry operation here: Another successful spring season is in the books at VanKampen's Greenhouses. We still have many different floral, tree, shrub, and houseplant varieties in-stock, so be sure to come check out our Allen St. location! As discussed in our last blog post, we wanted to use this post to write more about the field work we have been involved with and our Haskap berry operation. Known as the 'berry of long life and good vision', Haskap berries are a blue, oblong berry that has a sweet, tangy taste. Haskap berries are also known for their numerous health benefits and are up to 4 times...

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Permaculture Fruit and Perennial Veggies

Permaculture Fruit and Perennial Veggies  Spring is in full swing at VanKampen's Greenhouses! Be sure to stop into our Allen St. location in Charlottetown to see Spring in bloom.   For our blog post today we'd like to talk about fruit bearing trees, shrubs and perennial veggies. Be sure to check out the following VanKampen's Grow Tip, where Peter explains how pollination and PH impacts the production capabilities of fruit trees, shrubs, and perennial veggies: As Peter mentioned, we carry a wide selection of various fruit tree and shrubs, including:   Apple trees Peach trees Cherry trees Pear trees Plum trees 4-1 grafted fruit trees Blueberry bushes Raspberry bushes Strawberry Rhubarb Asparagus     In order to ensure optimal fruit...

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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the VanKampen's Blog! It's beginning to feel like spring and we at VanKampen's are in full production mode getting our floral products and delicious Tasty Tomatoes ready for sale.  2019 is an exciting year at VanKampen's, we are celebrating our 60th year serving the local community from our Allen St. location. The VanKampen's story began in 1959, after Gijsbertus VanKampen purchased Gay's Market Garden Greenhouse. Gijsbertus H. Van Kampen (G.H.) emigrated to P.E.I in 1953 from Holland with his father Adrian. In 1959, Gijsbertus bought Gay's Market Garden Greenhouse. The early years at VanKampen's were mostly field crops: brussel sprouts, beans, beets, celery, and summer savoury. In 1963, we started growing tomatoes and diversified into floral varieties and...

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