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Our team will prepare your order for pick up. If anything is unavailable, they will contact you for an alternative or refund.


No contact curbside or in-store pick up for your purchase. Inquire directly with our team for delivery options.

Online Orders

All online orders for delivery and in-store pick up will be prepared by a member of our team, and ready within 24 hours. You will receive an email when your order is ready for delivery or pick-up.

Local Deliveries

We currently service Charlottetown, Stratford and Cornwall. A member of our team will phone you upon arrival, and will place the order on your front step or agreed upon area. 

In-Store Pick Up 

Upon arriving, phone the store to have your order brought to your car, or come inside to pick it up.  Please identify your order number to ensure we provide you with the correct order.

Taste the Difference

No Chemical Sprays 

We aim to avoid the use chemical sprays on our tomato crop, and aim to keep the crop as natural as possible. We introduce biologicals (beneficial insects) to control pests and bumblebees to pollinate our crop

Fresh Tastes Better

We grow two varieties of greenhouse tomatoes, Cherry and Hot House, right here in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Without spending time on a truck or shipping container, we are able to ensure we always deliver the freshest product to our consumers.

Custom Potting Service

Did you know that we offer a custom potting service? Our talented team will ask you all of the important questions, such as will the pot will be North or South facing? Will it be viewed on only one side, or from 360 degrees?  Do you prefer traditional, or modern? Do you have preferred colours? Once a budget has been set, and armed with this information, a greenhouse team member will create your custom pot! Simply pay a potting fee (depending on the size of your pot), and the retail price of the plants used. You can do this with your own pot, or purchase one onsite. This is a great service for the busy household, a cottage, or a beginner gardener!

VanKampen's Updates, Tips & Tricks: Live on our Blog

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Here at VK Greenhouses, we love to innovate and grow. We are constantly looking to explore new avenues for what...
Life with Lavender
One of the many reasons to love July in PEI is that this is the magical month when lavender bursts...
New to the Farm: Lavender!
There is always something exciting happening at the farm. This summer, we made 19 new covered rows for our lavender crop....

Fundraise with VK Greenhouses!

At VK Greenhouses, our local community is at the core of everything we do. Our most popular fundraising option is a hanging basket fundraiser - a fun way to raise money for your group, organization, sports team or event in three easy steps:

1. We sell a fundraising team vouchers available at wholesale prices

2. The participating fundraising team then sells the vouchers to the general public for retail prices. The customers who purchase the vouchers from the fundraising group redeem it at our store for a hanging basket. 

3. Groups are able to keep the profits, and those who support them have beautiful flowers to enjoy!

In order to find out more about our basket fundraisers, email, phone or drop into the store.

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