Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the VanKampen's Blog!

It's beginning to feel like spring and we at VanKampen's are in full production mode getting our floral products and delicious Tasty Tomatoes ready for sale. 

2019 is an exciting year at VanKampen's, we are celebrating our 60th year serving the local community from our Allen St. location. The VanKampen's story began in 1959, after Gijsbertus VanKampen purchased Gay's Market Garden Greenhouse.

Gijsbertus H. Van Kampen (G.H.) emigrated to P.E.I in 1953 from Holland with his father Adrian. In 1959, Gijsbertus bought Gay's Market Garden Greenhouse. The early years at VanKampen's were mostly field crops: brussel sprouts, beans, beets, celery, and summer savoury. In 1963, we started growing tomatoes and diversified into floral varieties and various other bedding plants.

Sons Charlie and Bill VanKampen took over the VanKampen's Greenhouse operation in 1984. Since then, VanKampen's Greenhouses has grown to a multi-acre operation that produces 10,000 lbs of tomatoes per week, over 15,000 hanging baskets per growing season and numerous other floral and bedding plant varieties. 

As the VanKampen's team looks to remember our history in 2019, we are also excited to introduce some new and exciting changes. In addition to the new vankampens.ca website (which is likely how you found this page), we are starting a blog!

Our blog will be a platform to get a little more in-depth than our other social media platforms. We plan to discuss everything from special events to early notifications of sales and promotions, workshop information, and exclusive discounts! 

Additionally, we plan to introduce a new short video series through our blog (and across our social media platforms) called VanKampen's Grow Tips. Starring Peter, our social media superstar and plant expert, VanKampen's Grow Tips will aim to provide useful information to all levels of  indoor/outdoor gardeners, green thumbs, and all around plant happy people. See below for our first VanKampen's Grow Tip! 

VanKampen's Grow Tips

Peter explains the process behind transplanting houseplants:

That just about summarizes our intro blog! Stay tuned for our next post, which will contain some exciting updates, and another grow tip. Also, if there are specific topics that you would like to see within our blog, be sure to let us know in the comments below! 

Happy growing,

- The VanKampen's Team

60 years and counting

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