A little lavender goes a long way!

Here at VK Greenhouses, we love to innovate and grow. We are constantly looking to explore new avenues for what we can offer our customers. In 2020, we planted a small number of lavender plants, which we harvested and sold as dried bouquets in our store. What started as a small, experimental crop has blossomed into 3000 plants that have yielded so many possibilities!

We built a small workshop onsite at our greenhouse for the purposes of drying the lavender bundles and for distilling the essential oils that the flowers produce. If you're ever wondering what the little lavender-coloured building that is beside our tree and shrub lot is for, that's where all the magic happens! The process of distilling lavender essential oil uses boiling water, and once the oil is produced, we don't let this water go to waste! It ends up being lightly scented with lavender and is perfect for use in diffusers or misters. We sell both the lavender water and the oil in store, as well as sachets of the dried buds. These are perfect for tucking in a drawer or inside a pillowcase to lend a dreamy, serene scent to your clothes or pillow. We also sell dried bundles of lavender that are lightly scented, which you can hang in your kitchen or bedroom, or set in a vase without water for decoration. 

We are excited by the possibility of expanding our line of products even further and of working with other local artisans and producers. We recently partnered with Island Hill Farms and they have made some of their incredible goats milk soap with our lavender plants, with incredible results! With such a versatile plant, the possibilities are endless!

Come on in to our store at 58 Allen Street to check our our lovely assortment of local lavender products and bring some serenity into your home!

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