Pothos - “Hawaiian”

Hawaiian Pothos is a cultivar of Golden Pothos due to selective breeding. Its appearance is recognizable through its speckles of yellow variegation. The stem’s color is also yellow, while the leaves grow larger in time.


Golden Pothos and Hawaiian Pothos have very similar appearances. The main visible difference between golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos is the color of the foliage and stems. Golden Pothos, on the other hand, has a much more vivid and intense yellow hue. Hawaiian pothos, on the other hand, is a variegated plant with dark green, yellow, and white streaks.

While Golden Pothos prefer low light, Hawaiian Pothos prefer medium to bright indirect light, meaning the plant should be close to a bright window without allowing sunbeams to shine consistently on the leaves. This plant lives beneath a jungle canopy and will burn and fade in colour if it sits in direct sun. 

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