Locally Grown Produce

Our Tasty Tomatoes are greenhouse grown on the Island, and supply the maritimes with the freshest cherry and hot house tomato varieties. We do not use pesticides, and aim to supply the local market with the freshest tomatoes. 

Our Tasty Tomatoes

Learn what makes our Tasty Tomatoes the best!

Greenhouse Grown in PEI

Tasty Tomatoes are Island grown in Charlottetown, PE. This means that our maritime customers are guaranteed the freshest possible product.

No chemical sprays

We aim to avoid the use chemical sprays on our tomato crop, and aim to keep the crop as natural as possible. We introduce biologicals (beneficial insects) to control pests and bumblebees to pollinate our crop. 

Two Types of Tasty

We grow two varieties of greenhouse tomatoes, our cherry tomatoes (pictured left) and a larger, hot house variety. Our cherry tomatoes are excellent in salads, salsas, or roasted. The hot house is excellent in sauces, sliced, or baked.

Better Taste

Instead of spending time on a truck or shipping container, Tasty Tomatoes are #local to the Maritimes, which allows us to ensure we always deliver the freshest product to our consumers.

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Fundraising Opportunities

We love getting involved with our community. See below to learn more about our fundraising opportunities!

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