Plants, for Plant People

At VanKampen's, we are passionate about plants! We grow the majority of product that we sell, to ensure we control the growing process. Brighten your home with one of our many houseplants.

Our Plants

At VanKampen's, we grow the majority of what we sell. Our major product lines include:

  • Major tree and shrub varieties
  • Perennial floral plants
  • Annual floral plants
  • Vegetable plants
  • Herbs
  • Houseplants

We also carry a variety of hard goods to supplement your growing needs, including:

  • Growing mediums (e.g. peat moss) and potting soils
  • Fertilizers (chemical and organic)
  • PH balancers
  • Herbicides, fungicides, insecticides
  • Outdoor containers and pots
  • Houseplant accessories (e.g. indoor pots, terrariums, liquid plant foods, etc.)

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